Indraraj Arts, Commerce, Science College, Sillod was Established in 1998. The year unfortunately, coincided with dreadful famine. Its history of 12 year is a journey of big test and trials. It had faced many odds and ordeals in its survival. But it has unflinching and strong faith in its potentialities, resourcefulness and creativity. It has started science faculty in 2000.

It is indeed, a big college with three faculties of higher education that is catering the need of needy, neglected, poor and deprived students both girls and boys of rural areas. The main concern our college management is pursuit of academic advancement in process of growth and development of the college.

Our teaching as well as non-teaching staff is keenly involved in the study growth of college.At present more than 860 students are on roll. our total staff includes 12 teachers in senior college, 12 teachers in junior college and 10 non-teaching employees. we have 15 departments.We have introduced Computer Science,Information technology,Crop Science ,Electronics ,B.C.A. and B.C.S. as optional courses as self financing courses.

The college is thus providing higher education in rural parts of neighbouring talukas of the district. The college has felt its marked existence in the educational, social and cultural life of surrounding areas by active participation in nation building activities. Because of the financial constraints, we followed economic maeasures in the administration and functioning of the college. But these maeasures never hindered our path of progress.