The Department of Mathematics is established in 2001 as part of Indraraj Arts, Commerce and Science College with one temporary teaching faculty. Now, it has one regular faculty from December 2014. The faculty is SET qualified and pursuing his Ph. D.  another faculty is on temporary basis. Also the faculty of the Department are engaged with research activities in the area’s Semihyperring, Gamma Semihyperring (Hyperrings) and Semihypergroup  (Hypergroup).

          The Department offers opportunities for education in wide areas of Mathematics such as: Differential calculus, Integral calculus, Geometry, Differential equation, Partial Differential Equation, Number Theory, Numerical Methods, Real Analysis, Algebra etc. The staff members take continuous efforts to motivate and promote the students to acquire expected course outcomes and for higher studies. Also staff is continuously working on how to enhance knowledge of Mathematics of students and due to that the department has a tradition of excellent results.