National Service Scheme

To mark the Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, National Service Scheme was introduced on 24th September 1969. The main objectives of the National Service Scheme – to build a self dependent youth, to foster value education and to develop the social fidelity.

The unit is approved by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad with the initial enrolment of 50 students. This unit has been working for the cause of community and rendering its services towards the social issues as envisaged in the objectives of the National Services Scheme.

The National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit of Indraraj Arts commerce and science college has been established during the academic year 2001-2002 with one Unit. The NSS unit of this college was headed by Prof. Dr. A. B. Pawar in 2001 to 2002 and then Prof. Dr. P. S. Patil, Dr. B. N. Kawale, Prof. Dr. A. B. Pawar, Prof. Dr. A. T. More, Dr. R. R. Mendhe, Dr. Mrs. M. Mhaske, Dr. C. M. Kale, Dr. S. S. Chouthaiwale, Dr. M. K. Babrekar respectively had successfully worked from 2002 -2019 and the from 2018 Dr. C. G. Devkate, Dr. Mrs. M. G. Mugalikar and Dr. A. A. Yelwande are working as NSS Program officer.

            The students registered for NSS are termed as volunteers. Presently the sanctioned enrollment capacity of the college is three hundred volunteers. Out of which, one hundred fifty volunteers participate in the special camp in a remote village. These volunteers participate in NSS for two academic years.

The objectives set by this college, however are in line with the objectives stated by department of youth and sports affairs ministry Govt. of India. The National Services Scheme units of this college aim at bringing holistic development of the youth and utilization of youth services to mitigate the social obligation in general.

The Objectives Of National Services Scheme Set As

Development of Youth services, society and national integrityTo develop positive attitude
An ideal platform for personality developmentTo emphethise
To increase students participateTo work for others
Learning organizational behaviorNot me but you
To develop cross culture intelligenceTo develop sense of Social responsibilities
To Inculcate value educationTo develop social learning
To Build up leadershipStudents participation in multidisciplinary events
Self  learningTo work for the cause of community
Event management 


Motto of the NSS UNIT: ‘NOT ME BUT YOU

1. Dr. P. P. Sharma, PrincipalChairman4. Dr. S. S. Chouthaiwale,  HOD, English.Member
2. Prof.  Dr.  V.  B.  Lamb       Vice PrincipalMember5. Prof. Dr. P. S. Patil, HOD, Hindi.Member
3. Dr. C. M. Kale, Vice PrincipalMember6.Prof.  Dr. A.  T. More, HOD, Marathi.Member
7 Shri. Shamrao Khole, Social Worker Chandapur Member

NSS Programme Officers

Unit IUnit IIUnit III
Dr. C. G. Devkate
Asstistant Professor, Dept.of Chemistry
Dr. Ms. M. G. Muglikar
Asstistant Professor, Dept.of Hindi
Mobile: 8208761861
Dr. A. A. Yelwande,
Asstistant Professor, Dept.of Chemistry

NSS Report