Perspective Plan (For the years 2018-2023)

The A.E.&M.P. Institute’s Indraraj Arts, Commerce and Science College was established in 1998 with a view of imparting education to developing generations of students equipped with knowledge and excellence. The College has a tradition of producing outstanding students, who have proved by giving excellent service in different walks of national as well as international life.

The College has completed more than 20 years of magnificent service in the field of academics, sports, performing arts, social awareness, national integrity and other extracurricular activities. The College is affiliated to Dr. B.A.M.U., Aurangabad, has gained the status and social recognition over the years which are evidenced by commendable performance of our students at University examinations.

The College has produced a number of luminaries in the field of academics, industries, politics, sports and extracurricular activities. At present the College runs three programmes at Undergraduate and 5 Certificate courses.

We are pleased to present a Perspective Plan for the next five years, which is narrated in two parts, as follows:

A.     Academic Plans
B.     Establishment Plans
  1. Infra structural Plans
  2. Administrative Plans

The plan is an outcome of the detailed deliberation among the Heads of the Academic Departments of the college. The same has been approved by the Local Governing Council and the Governing body of the parent Institution.

Indraraj Arts, Commerce and Science College is recognized as a leading college in the region and known throughout the state for quality and excellence. College has also been awarded the status of N.S.S. Best Unit from the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar University, Aurangabad. The academic activities undertaken by the college form the basis for the recognition. We propose to undertake the following plans of academic development:


  1. Introducing new courses:

UG Programme :  B. Com (English medium)

Certificate Courses:

  • Certificate Course in Soil Testing
  • Certificate Course in Computer Awareness
  • Gandhian Thoughts
  1. Research:

Being a 09 Faculty members are University recognized Research Guides in different subjects of Arts and Science undertaking a number of research activities of students. At present 29 students are doing research for Ph.D. degree.  We need to strengthen research by way of submitting minor and major research Projects in various disciplines to different funding agencies. Promotion of faculty publications, internal research projects and seminars, symposia and workshops will be emphasized in the years to come. To facilitate the research work separate research laboratories/cubicles will be provided.

  1. Consultancy Services:

Botany and Physics departments of college have developed excellent rapport with the world of industries and NGO’s.

  1. Linkages with academic and research bodies:

The impact of globalization has now been comprehensive. The education is also being considered as a significant tool of strengthening knowledge and excellence among the youths.

The development of skills and competence are considered as the prerequisites for manpower development. The College aspires to be on the world map as an institute of excellence, which may be brought in practice by establishing international linkages. It can be in the form of collaboration with some renowned Universities and Research Institutes. It will provide an opportunity of wide range of employability among students. The International linkages with some business institutions have also been undertaken by some educational institutions in our country. We propose to study them, know their experiences and explore the possibility of undertaking at the college level.

  1. ICT enabled Teaching-Learning :

College has emphasized e-Learning activities by providing computer and internet facilities in all the departments and in the library. This has been done in view to have easy internet access to teachers and students and developing interest in education and supplementing the curricular education as well. Besides this, we have started the virtual classroom and digital English language laboratory facility.

 In future some more Virtual Class rooms are to be made available to students.

In order to reach excellence, the college has subscribed e-books, e-journals and purchased educational CD’s for different subjects. This will take support of members of faculty from different colleges to strengthen the quality of learning.

  1. Digitization of Library :

Library has a rich collection of books/e-books and journals/e-journals which covers a wide range of reference books all the subjects. The Library is being computerized with bar coding facility so far, which has made the operations quicker and much easier. We propose to make the library completely computerized and also introduce more e Library facility which will cover a large number of journals for the purpose of reference.

  1. Faculty Development:

Development of faculty has been one of the important for overall development of college. Besides participation of teachers in Orientation and Refresher Courses, specialized areas of their interest need to be undertaken for training. Faculties will be promoted for use of audio visual aids, development of communication skills. College has organized a series of Seminars, Symposia and Workshops on several contemporary issues. They were on University, State and National level. As a part of the academic enhancement, we propose to organize workshops on curriculum development and teaching methodologies in different subjects. The Workshops related to the improvement the employability of students will also be undertaken . The funding through different research projects will be used for developing research facilities.

Faculties of Computer Science departments will be given more attention.

  1. Others :

The Placement Cell of the college has been actively contributing to the career advancement of students. We propose to strengthen it by imparting special training to students and developing rapport with the business concerns of high profile.

Establishment Plans

  1. Infrastructural Developments:

         The college campus is presently in rented building but very soon will be shifting in new building with about 3 acres campus. Infrastructure Developments is the pressing need. Following are some of our plans for Infrastructure Developments:

  1. New Building for College:

New Building with separate administrative wing, state-of-the-art laboratories, library and reading hall facility, etc has to come up in coming years.  

  1. Establishing Digital English Language laboratory and Virtual Class rooms:

College has well equipped Computer laboratories. In view of the natural growth in the batches of students, we will need to add computer infra structure with all modern amenities to the present structure in the College. The new English Language laboratory is proposed to be established. To promote teachers using modern teaching aids Virtual Class room with all the facilities will be established. Similarly, the updating of the present infrastructure will also be undertaken considering the curriculum and the practical training.

  1. Gandhian Studies Center:

To inculcate the value of love, affection, brotherhood, nonviolence among the youths the college plans for starting the Gandhian Studies Center in the college.  This center will run certificate and diploma courses on Gandhian Philosophy and these thoughts will be disseminated to the society by arranging workshops, seminars, road shows, rallies, etc.

  1. Center for extracurricular activities:

College is conducting the lecture series since last 3 years. A large number of students participate in various cultural activities like –Music, Dance, Elocution, etc. The idea of developing a Cultural Centre is an outcome of the need to provide training to these students to acquire professioncy. The Cultural Centre includes physical facilities and ongoing training facility in the college campus. It will be a centre of performance as well. College propose to develop separate well equipped Centre.

  1. Gardening and Landscaping :

We are planning to create and maintain the beauty of the new college campus by tree plantation, landscaping and gardening.

  1. Solar energy backup for office and campus and rain water harvesting:

To overcome the problem of dependable energy resources college plant to establish its own solar backup and water harvesting in new campus.

  1. Registration of Alumni Association:

As per the requirement by NAAC College wish the register Alumni Association. It will strengthen the involvement and activities of Alumni in the college.

Administrative Plans:

Administration is not only a support of an academic institution, but the backbone for its successful running. During the last five years, the office and accounting procedures are being computerized which has improved the overall efficiency of administration. Following as some of the development plans to bring out administrative professionalism in our college:

1. Administrative staff training facilities:

We propose to establish an on going mechanism for training to the administrative staff. It may be essential to assign it to the outside experts and the professional agencies. The need for training is felt mainly for  smoothen the office process.  The training facility will involve the methods of on-job training or by holding workshops and symposia. It may also be essential in respect of training in the Computer based work of the office.

2. Documentation and Record keeping:

The records in all the departments will be the main components to be preserved for future references. It will require digitalizing the records and for the same college propose to go for ISO accreditation, so as to make a uniform system in all departments.

In addition to the abovementioned office Development Plans, the updating of Website will be a continuing process to communicate with the different stake-holders and a facility for the publicity of the projects and schemes of the college.

  1. Digitalization of administration and accounts:

At present college is not using licensed software for account work, admission, examination process.  In view of the adoption of modern technology and smooth working of different academic and administrative departments of the college, it is necessary to have overall connectivity, quickness and perfection in the working of the college through digitalization process. It will ensure the elimination of wastage of human energy and time. It will make the details available, readily with the Central Office of the college. In short college management is will to go for paperless office and for the same it will be essential to take the technical assistance from the experts and the agencies engaged in this kind of work.

NAAC Assessment & Accreditation:

In view of getting Assessment and Accreditation by NAAC following steps to be taken.

  1. Preparation of Draft of SSR
    1. Self-evaluation off SSR for pre qualifier stage of NAAC
    1. Searching the areas for improvement under 7 criterion and 32 key indicators to improve the marks.
    1. Planning and implementations for improvement whatever possible.
    1. Upgrading the draft of SSR, if possible to improve.
    1. Submitting IIQA.
    1. Submitting SSR.
    1. Preparing students for Student Satisfaction Survey.
    1. Preparation to face NAAC pear Team

The Perspective Plan for the next five years is mentioned above in two broad categories for the working as an Institution. It will of course need the support of the management, teachers, administrative staff, alumni, well wishers and students to bring it in practice.

The provision of finance for the above mentioned developmental plans is the central point for consideration. We plan to raise it through the help form parent institution, our own funds and UGC schemes under the XI plan. We are confident, that with this kind and generous support for the execution of the Perspective Plan will come in reality.