Dept. of Political Science

The Department of Political Science was established in 1998.  It is one of the most important and contributing dept. in this college. At present total number of students is 200 who are pursuing their B.A. Graduation degree in Political Science as an optional and main subject. This Department have one full time teaching faculty, Dr. Satish Karad as  Assistant Professor and Head along with  Mr. Kiran Kamble as Assistant Professor on CHB. We are quite satisfied with our students about their academic reputation, academic rigour, and steadfast commitment to inclusive education  mostly from deprived, marginal and backward class from our rural. Our Department follows syllabus provided by authentic body of Dr. B. A.M. U. Aurangabad, as our College is affiliated to the University. Our syllabus covers almost all aspects of Indian Government and politics, Constitution, state politics, with the current references and relevant exposition. To serve in-depth knowledge of basic political concepts and virtues to our student, there are theory papers in the course at very inception.

 The Department galvanise students outlook and approach toward society and nations with the study of thinkers and their political ideas. As a student of Political Science we expect our students to be well known about International politics and foreign policy, that they can understand global risk and security factors for India. We inculcate the pragmatic attitude and innovative mindset by preparing our students through practical and experiential learning as we encourage student for completion of their project work by their own in respective topics. The  B.A. program with of  16 courses of Political Science for 6 semesters. As most of the competitive exams conducted in our state and country contains major part of Constitution, Politics , World politics and current affairs; our students haves special advantage of being aware of these things through their graduation with political science!
      We have rich legacy of alumni settlement on good jobs as many of them cleared competitive exams. We try to offer the opportunity and courage to our students by organising several programs, events and knowledge provoking activities. We believe our student should have overall personality development with complimentary soft skills. We have organised many events, workshops, seminars on Constitution , Gender issues, Parliaments, democracy and elections, Federalism, Current events and issues of our country; Global issues like terrorism and environmental discourses; discussions on socio- political ideas and contributions of our leaders and thinkers. We host guest speakers, mentors to enlighten our student. As outreach activity our teaching faculty contributed dedicated duties during Parliament and Assembly elections in 2019. Our Department have also conducted   “ Lokahahi Pandharvada” full course of variety events  all through 15 days of Jan-Feb since last two academic years consecutively.